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The Monastery of St.Catherine is a Christian Greek Orthodox monastic center with a continuous life since the 6th century.

Located at the base of Mt.Horeb, near Mt.Sinai,
Sinai Peninsula, Egypt.

It has stood for 1400 years in the heart of the Sinai Desert, and has preserved its special character since its erection in the era of Justinian (527-565 AD).

Constructed on a sacred spot where a seeking person named Catherine, followed her quest to reach the place where Moses had heard the words . . .

Her belief, vision and death near this spot added significance to the Holiness of this place, and the belief that this is the site of the Burning Bush.

In the Courtyard of the chapel is a prominent small tree or bush of durable small leafed stout type foliage. Displayed is a placard describing the ancestry of the bush as a sprig from the verdure in the time of Moses.

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" The Monastery of St.Catherine, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. "

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