Photography Fine Art Design


Exhibit I



Martin Seymour



What type of Service . . . ?

Special individual attention focused on the needs of your project,
from shooting the photography to layout and html design.
Images and presentation, concepts for the visual impact you have in mind.


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What kind of Photography. . . ?

Making images that capture the subtle drama of the moment. Whether in a person's face or in the form and position of an object, my intent is to project
an impression of the human spirit.


Lighting . . .

Regard for the work of artists like
Eduard Weston and Andrew Wyeth;
training as an assistant to
Norman Parkinson '82 -- '86, and
Irving Penn '80 -- '81, in addition, work
as a lighting designer for fashion shows,
theater, dance, and opera performances;
historical reference and experience that
provide the knowledge and inspiration for
aesthetic clarity in my work.


People . . .

Early interests lead to work as a
counselor and a B.A. in psychology
Adelphi University 1978;
today it defines and characterizes
the nuance of my portraits.



Perhaps the purest form of
photography; documenting the
beauty of line, shape, and composition.



Computer image enhancement
and manipulation, as well
as web page design.

Documentary / Travel / Humor

Images from exotic locations, generally with a landscape motif, sometimes with an element of ironic humor.

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